Posted by Corinne Vella under the 6th post this morning on the publication of the Egrant inquiry.

Malta’s failure to investigate the Panama Papers – as other countries with poorer democratic credentials than ours have done – is directly linked to Daphne’s assassination. Egrant Inc. is a detail in a much wider web of intrigue, corruption, dirty money flows, and crime, including murder.

No one has any doubt that Mizzi and Schembri opened their Panama companies for criminal purposes. No one has any doubt that, even though those companies are inoperative, neither Mizzi nor Schembri have relinquished whatever dirty money they had expected to gain when they set up their secret money laundering structures in the first place.

The debate over the true ownership of Egrant Inc. is three years out of date. The questions people should be asking now – and the Economic Crimes Unit of the Malta Police in particular – are where the Muscats are hiding their illicit money, what they did to obtain it, and what they have done to hide their tracks.

Anything less is just rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.