From my article in The Sunday Times today:

“Robert Abela is not Joseph Muscat. 2020 is not 2019. And we are encouraged, particularly by those with plenty to hide including the embarrassment of having belonged to the corrupt regime we saw out over Christmas, “to look ahead and not dwell in the past”, to “return to normality”, to “give the new guy a chance”.

“The fact of the matter is if we had used 1988 to confront the demons of that decade, some of the evil that hit us in the last three years could have been prevented.

“We owe it to the generation of 2040 (that is at school today) to confront the demons that have plagued us and to strive to address the causes of the ‘abnormality’ we have experienced.

“It is not enough for Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, Chris Cardona and Neville Gafà to be suddenly, and from their point of view unexpectedly, unemployed.”

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