Our history’s knee on the necks of others

2020-06-13T11:16:54+02:00Sat, 13th Jun '20, 11:16|

Like modern democracy, the reckoning with the race-based caste system came first out of America. The depth of the present crisis is shown by the fact that the debate is not simply about addressing existing inequalities. It is instead searching for their roots in history. It is seeking a reinterpretation of the totems handed down [...]

Owen’s idea of food is Jason’s idea of culture

2020-06-13T07:35:07+02:00Sat, 13th Jun '20, 07:35|

This is our education minister showing off his cooking skills. Zalzett mir-roża u fixxfinkers. Out of the packet, on to a barbecue big enough to cook him and on to the plate. There’s nothing wrong with a quick meal of overcooked ultra-processed food out of shiny packets once in a while. But to show it [...]

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