Repubblika on the evidence heard in court on Chris Cardona

2020-06-02T15:29:17+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 15:29|

The following is a statement by Repubblika issued earlier today: The state's witness, Melvyn Theuma, yesterday in court gave more reasons that make one doubt how much the declarations by the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party should be believed. From yesterday’s evidence, Chris Cardona seems to be heavily implicated in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder. [...]

WATCH: When change changes nothing

2020-06-02T15:22:56+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 15:22|

Petra Caruana is a Maltese woman whose life changed the day Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in 2017. She became an activist demanding justice for Daphne and campaigning against the overflowing sewers of corruption in Malta. That day in October she found her country changed. And she changed too. Petra gave this TEDx talk last [...]

GUEST POST: The pandemic ‘is over’. But impunity is still active.

2020-06-02T13:38:39+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 13:38|

The pandemic is over. That’s the mantra repeated over and over by our loquacious Prime Minister for the past weeks. Yesterday we suffered through another priedka tat-tifel press conference by the new emperor-with-no-clothes Robert Abela to drill into us that the pandemic is just a figment of our imagination and so life must return to [...]


2020-06-02T10:31:43+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 10:31|

Robert Abela can’t stop talking. And now he’s prime minister few people try to stop him. When his office announces one of his addresses to the nation is coming up people groan quietly. Before they turn on the TV, people count 7 minutes from the announced starting time because being fashionably late is now a [...]

GUEST POST: No Christian

2020-06-02T09:35:50+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 09:35|

Forget it Christian. Resigning from Parliament will not absolve all the disreputable deals and actions you did over the past six years (and maybe even before). This is not like a confession with a priest forgiving all your sins so that you can start afresh, after saying five Holy Marys. Chris Cardona you still have [...]

I’m bigger than Jesus

2020-06-02T09:11:46+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 09:11|

People who have been in politics wonder what it was all for until they can show their grandchildren their photos with the Pope, or the Queen or the Daila Lama, or a vaguely remembered US President and imagine that the fame of the people they were photographed with could rub off them in the eyes [...]

Cannelloni Schadenfreude

2020-06-02T09:05:41+02:00Tue, 2nd Jun '20, 09:00|

It sounds like something you’d eat in Bolzano. But it’s actually happening in Gozo. This Facebook post was put up by a senior staffer working for Gozo MP and government minister Anton Refalo. Kevin Mompalao has developed a disgust for Yorgen Fenech but it’s only really come through since the former tycoon that stands accused [...]

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