2020-07-07T08:48:37+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 15:49|

Readership of this website is going strong. The site is visited 20,000 times a day which is not bad for a largely one-man show. Last month, 29,000 people visited Truth Be Told for the first time.  In the time the website has been around we published more than 3,900 articles. Over 1,200 of them have [...]

Cultural execution

2020-06-24T15:32:54+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 15:31|

For a second there you may have wondered why the chairman of the Manoel Theatre Board needed to testify at the inquiry into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. But this state-sponsored murder was committed on all fronts and evidence from an unlikely quarter was heard today. Mario Philip Azzopardi, the Doktor Mengele of Malta’s [...]

Which other bits was Keith Schembri lying about?

2020-06-24T14:35:33+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 14:35|

Most of us can say with some certainty where they were the moment they heard Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. They remember how they found out, who they were with, what they did right away. Many of us were deeply affected by the news. You would expect Keith Schembri to be affected and to have [...]

UPDATED: Where were you when…?

2020-06-24T15:12:17+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 12:43|

Updated to include a video of Jason Azzopardi's speech in Parliament. I sometimes get asked by the last remaining advocates for the lost cause of Joseph Muscat, where I was when something or other happened before 2013. Which is a bit of a pointless question really because everyone knows the answer to that. In case [...]

Flash back to February 2016

2020-06-24T12:14:43+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 12:14|

Watch this video taken inside the Labour Party's headquarters the day Konrad Mizzi was feted as the party's new Deputy Leader. Wait for the first question asked to him. This is February 2016. They made him Deputy Leader when they already knew what they knew yesterday when they fired him. The Labour Party still needs [...]

GUEST POST: Primus inter pares

2020-06-24T12:06:44+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 12:06|

As a lawyer I’ve always been convinced in the rule of law, so having a strong rule of law comes natural for me. We will close the chapter on rule of law with success, not just by dealing with our current challenges, but also by being a leading example for other countries. - Robert Abela [...]

Harming business in Valletta

2020-06-24T10:46:15+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 10:27|

Manuel Mallia last Monday, contributing to the well being of business in Valletta. Manuel Mallia was drinking at the Queen Victoria City Pub in South Street on Monday afternoon while a protest gathered outside parliament. It didn’t seem like the protest was stopping him from indulging though it may have made it harder [...]

Baby face

2020-06-24T09:31:51+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 09:31|

I wrote this piece yesterday about how the junior minister for IT set up a ‘think tank’ to advise him on information technology policy. The committee includes Brian Tonna’s daughter and Consuelo Scerri Herrera’s daughter whose only apparent qualification is that they’re lawyers, a profession that is at best tangentially relevant. The committee is set [...]

The Barra Brigade

2020-06-24T08:28:25+02:00Wed, 24th Jun '20, 08:28|

Or ‘Daphne’s crowd’, or ‘Ta’ Simon’, or ‘Ta’ kontra Delia’, or ‘Erba’ anarkiċi’, or ‘Nazzjonalisti indannati’ or ‘Erba’ qtates m’għandhomx x’jagħmlu’. Yep. Doesn’t mean we were wrong though. I will not dignify the insults Daphne Caruana Galizia got in her life, but for all that she was right. The Labour Party will not bring itself [...]

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