THE SUNDAY TIMES: The unrepentant pentito

2020-06-21T07:57:19+02:00Sun, 21st Jun '20, 07:57|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Theuma is no hero. He’s a money launderer, an underground bookie, a whimpering lackey. He’s a murdering bastard and a snitch. His concern for his own skin is loathsome. He is a cartoon figure of a middle-aged man: a self-centred, auto-commiserating, undiagnosed narcissist in a permanent state [...]

LONG READ: Shocked but not surprised

2020-06-22T08:38:36+02:00Sun, 21st Jun '20, 07:53|

Few people believed Joseph Muscat was innocent of all that went on around him. When he refused to fire Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri in 2016 when they got caught with Panama companies, he gave everyone a clear hint that he was up to his neck in it. We didn’t know what “it” was. We [...]

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