Government gives in and allows migrants penned at sea to come ashore. Hostage situation ended.

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A statement announced this evening the Maltese government was not willing to endanger the lives of crew members and Maltese employees working with migrants it ordered imprisoned outside Malta’s territorial waters. For this reason, Robert Abela’s government has climbed down from its insistence that more than 400 migrants would not be allowed to land on [...]

GUEST POST: Pilatus Bank revisited                                                       

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Sent in by someone known to me. However odd is the decision by the US Attorney’s request to the New York federal court to drop the case against Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad on five counts for money laundering, etc., there are no reasons why investigations should be abandoned in Malta against him and other perpetrators, [...]

If they can’t, how do they expect us to?

2020-06-06T12:10:17+02:00Sat, 6th Jun '20, 12:10|

Look at this. Robert Abela did not understand what the white dot on the floor stands for. It's so you don't stay within two metres of the Speaker you dimwit. Have you heard of social distancing? And this photo, that reassures us the opposition is keeping the government in constant check. Have you guys thought [...]

US decision to drop Ali Sadr case after conviction “highly unusual” – experts

2020-06-06T08:06:31+02:00Sat, 6th Jun '20, 08:06|

The lawyer representing Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad in his trial for bank fraud and for busting sanctions against his native Iran told Bloomberg this morning “he and his client aren’t sure why the government brought the ‘extraordinary motion’ to drop the case.” Reid Weingarten Photo: Getty Reid Weingarten said “we hope they finally saw [...]

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