Sound judgement

2020-06-22T11:42:38+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 11:42|

In an earlier post I wrote that Judge Toni Abela heads the Association of Judges and Magistrates that is resisting calls by the Venice Commission to remove the Labour Party's power to protect judges and magistrates who commit serious wrongdoing. The Venice Commission, along with NGO Repubblika, insists that judges and magistrates should be independent [...]

Good one, Mark Zammit Cordina

2020-06-22T10:56:36+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 10:56|

This photo of city cleaners sweeping up rubbish this morning gives a welcome chuckle in the midst of all the murderous gloom we're witnessing. The photo features on Times of Malta's live blog from court. Makes a change seeing the filth of Neville Gafà and Kenneth Camilleri heading into a garbage bag. From just that [...]

GUEST POST: The Power of the Powerless

2020-06-22T10:13:47+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 10:13|

Is Malta, a presumed democratic nation-state, employing a mix of capitalist-neo-liberal economy that thrives on the entrepreneurship of influential elites co-opted with government; an ambience that generates aggregated high profits to the “powerful” while dispersing abstract material wealth leading to mass consumerism that has fabricated excessive corruption – what the French poet Louis Aragon had [...]

GUEST POST: Mission impossible

2020-06-22T09:57:56+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 09:57|

It is no wonder that since 2013, the Nationalist Party did not make any inroads with the electorate. Survey after survey show the same pattern, with the Labour Party leading by an average of 25 percentage points. The latest one by The Sunday Times even shows that the actual leader Adrian Delia as the 4th [...]


2020-06-22T09:06:36+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 09:06|

In theory political parties are not supposed to receive a donation from anyone in particular beyond €25,000. But political parties designed that law, so they know how to go about it. The government contracted Captain Morgan to provide illegal off-shore prisons for migrants that have since been brought ashore. There was no earthly reason to [...]

Enemalta’s directors

2020-06-22T12:37:38+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 08:29|

Last Friday I published this post reacting to the Reuters and Times of Malta story about corruption related to Enemalta’s spending spree in Montenegro. I pointed out that someone at Enemalta is responsible for taking the decision to spend over €10 million in a purchase of a property that 18 days later had changed hands [...]

Keith Schembri promises

2020-06-22T08:06:05+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 08:06|

Keith Schembri promised to tell us the truth Isn’t it surprising how people promise the bleeding obvious. A couple of days ago Joseph Muscat promised to remain available to answer question by the police. Why? Is it optional now? Can anyone avoid answering police questions by making themselves unavailable? And is Keith Schembri suggesting he [...]

Why we fight

2020-06-23T11:20:08+02:00Mon, 22nd Jun '20, 07:58|

  Because if we don’t, Daphne’s killers will get away with it. Because they have robbed us of money they must give back. Because we can never hope for justice, if such an injustice is allowed to pass. Because if they’re not punished, present and future politicians will think they can get away with anything. [...]

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