Vigil in Valletta on Tuesday 16th

2020-06-15T23:14:23+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 23:12|

Please wear a mask or a visor and keep a 2 metre distance from people who do not live in your household. If you're vulnerable or live with someone who is, join the vigil on Facebook. But if you can, join us in Valletta. The criminals who have spoken out said they feared our protests. [...]

#occupyjustice: Stop the spread of the Corruption Virus

2020-06-15T23:07:55+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 23:07|

This statement was issued by #occupyjustice this evening: Thirty-two months ago, Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated. More recently, like many other countries, Malta lived through the COVID19 pandemic, and today, the country is gearing up to get back to ‘’normality’’. But is this the same “normality” that was promoted by the disgraced Prime Minister Joseph [...]

November 5, 2017. If you were outside police headquarters, you were right.

2020-06-15T18:10:47+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 18:10|

I remember One TV broadcasting a report showing us throw paper planes through the shuttered gate of police headquarters and describing the scene as if we were armed with man-portable anti-aircraft missiles. There were cruel cartoons shared by Laburisti sal-Mewt. And the sort of hysterical shock at the audacity of criticising the boys in blue. [...]

Look at their lies

2020-06-15T15:36:06+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 15:33|

In April 2018, six months after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed, Europol was changing bosses. The outgoing director Rob Wainwright needed to reply to a letter from then MEP Ana Gomes who asked for information about progress in the investigation on who killed Daphne Caruana Galizia. Though Rob Wainwright kept to diplomatic decorum, the fact [...]

Easter Massacre survivor contradicts Mae Yemenja’s crew testimony: ‘3 died on the way back to Libya’.

2020-06-15T14:55:54+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 14:53|

One of the survivors pushed back to Libya on a fishing trawler hired by the Maltese government has spoken in a detailed exchange seen by this website about the experience of the illegal push-back to Tripoli on 15 April. The survivor, from Eritrea, whose name is not being revealed to protect his safety and that [...]

GUEST POST: Robert’s to-do list

2020-06-15T11:21:12+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 11:21|

You have to hand it to him. Since January, Robert Abela has been quite busy. You know, fighting the war against COVID-19 which he conquered easily. He had to address the nation from One TV and give press conferences which lasted hours. Then there were a number of photo opportunities like touching elbows with an [...]

GUEST POST: Predetermined conclusions

2020-06-15T10:34:15+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 10:34|

I was quite baffled as I was reading the inquiry report into the Easter incidents in Malta's search and rescue area, seeing how Magistrate Joe Mifsud showed complete disregard to the evidence that he collected when delivering his conclusion. In other instances, he went to great lengths to understand the complexities of SAR (Search And [...]

What things may come

2020-06-15T21:42:46+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 09:37|

Photo: TED ALJIBE / AFP The conviction of Maria Ressa in the Philippines on charges of cyber-crime shows how tyrants in weak democracies will use the law to clamp down on criticism. Maria Ressa’s online news service has repeatedly exposed the true cost of strongman Rodrigo Duterte’s “war on drugs”, thousands of people [...]

The Labour Party’s good name

2020-06-15T08:31:23+02:00Mon, 15th Jun '20, 08:31|

It was moderately amusing to see Chris Cardona ignore the public pressure laid on him by his party leader Robert Abela and saying he still does not intend to resign the deputy leadership of the Labour Party. That’s in spite of Robert Abela saying that he was sure Chris Cardona would do the right thing [...]

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