Montenegro papers say Enemalta agreed to pay €3.5 million for wind farm. But Enemalta accounts say they paid €10.3.

2020-06-27T10:45:03+02:00Thu, 25th Jun '20, 13:51|

Papers filed in Montenegro to register Enemalta’s purchase of the Mozura wind farm include a copy of the signed share purchase agreement that allowed Enemalta to become the full owner of Mozura Wind Park, the company that owns the Montenegrin wind farm at the centre of an ongoing scandal. November 2019: Joseph Muscat looks [...]

GUEST POST: The ‘coincidences’ in the wind farm deal

2020-06-25T12:54:26+02:00Thu, 25th Jun '20, 12:54|

Filed by someone known to me: Much has been written about the Mozura Wind Park deal through which Enemalta purchased the project from a Dubai based company called Cidifex for the price of €10.3 million, 18 days after Cidifex had purchased the project for €2.9 million with a resultant profit of € 7.4 million. When [...]

“There’s a story here”

2020-06-25T11:34:49+02:00Thu, 25th Jun '20, 09:43|

It was one of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s curtain raisers. One of many that she raised in the last year of her life and work interrupted by the violent death visited upon her by people who did not want one or more of those curtains raised. 6 November, 2016: Daphne publishes one of those blog posts. [...]

The Pied Piper

2020-06-25T09:03:40+02:00Thu, 25th Jun '20, 09:03|

Disciples of political parties may be easily steered in the direction the party leadership wants them, like children hopping and skipping behind the Pied Piper. But you can jerk them around in opposite directions so many times before the disorientation kicks in and rumblings of discontent emerge. I sometimes think back to May Day 2018, [...]

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