Activists from Repubblika gathered this afternoon outside Minister Byron Camilleri’s office demanding the Home Minister’s resignation.

In a letter to the Minister handed in by Repubblika President Vicki Ann Cremona said Repubblika has had enough of discovering more scandals.

“We are nearing a situation where we won’t have enough officials to investigate their colleague’s filth. You have brought us to a ridiculous situation were top police officials pick on junior officers to look like they’re doing something and the junior officers reveal with the bosses are up to”.

Repubblika described this is a major threat to our country.

“Instead of criminals fearing the Police, citizens are scared of a conspiracy between the government, the police and criminals.”

The NGO recalled that we have 5 commissioners in 7 years leading the police force. More or less none of them completed their terms. “Now we are discovering new stories of corruption in the police force, collusion between government officials, senior police officers and criminals.”

The activists acknowledged it’s not all Byron Camilleri’s fault. “Those who came before you in your Ministry protected their corrupt friends. But you are also responsible. Yesterday you suspended Lawrence Cutajar. But we do not believe you that you only found out yesterday that Lawrence Cutajar intervened in the investigation into who killed Daphne Caruana Galizia.” Repubblika told Byron Camilleri, “you knew the day you accepted his resignation from the post of Commissioner. Instead of allowing him to be investigated, you protected him and appointed him as your consulted so no one touches him”.

“We have had enough of our government protecting criminals. Byron Camilleri, it is not enough for you to suspend Lawrence Cutajar. You have been caught sheltering a corrupt policeman.