PODCAST: One danger

2020-08-20T14:58:39+02:00Thu, 20th Aug '20, 11:54|

Manuel Delia · One Danger This is not a “reply” to One TV. I’m always bored by people conducting their personal crusades and speaking on their own behalf about nothing but themselves. I would hate to bore myself. But this is a commentary about their conduct. I have for some time been a critic of [...]

A planning permit for the Golgotha

2020-08-20T09:59:02+02:00Thu, 20th Aug '20, 09:59|

The curious incident of the vanishing, reappearing crucifix sums up our country neatly. A group of devotees erected a crucifix on a prominent escarpment for the Easter festivities. They meant the symbol for themselves but if it had been facing south they could call it our own Statute of Liberty, a beacon seen from the [...]

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