When dinosaurs underestimated the big fire in the sky

2020-08-19T16:41:05+02:00Wed, 19th Aug '20, 16:41|

The main cast and crew of Jurassic World clearly do not get their news from One TV. They missed the memo that says that Malta has the best response against the coronavirus. That there's really nothing to worry about and spinning in Ragusa is the appropriate behaviour if you're the commander in chief responding to [...]

Dog days of summer

2020-08-19T16:25:59+02:00Wed, 19th Aug '20, 16:25|

On Sunday 9 August, a 19-year-old was seriously injured in a fight on the Coast Road. Police said that the 19-year-old from Ħamrun was involved in a fight with two men. A hard object was used in the fight. On the same day, perhaps in a related incident, a Spanish woman suffered serious injuries in [...]

Silence is neutral

2020-08-19T17:02:33+02:00Wed, 19th Aug '20, 16:15|

The Broadcasting Authority has tried to justify its decision to order TVM to switch off the cameras when journalists start asking questions to ministers during covid-19 press conferences. It said the transmission of press conferences was a public service because it allowed people to acquire information on the pandemic. But “unexpected” questions provoke a political [...]

A week of WTF moments

2020-08-19T10:33:50+02:00Wed, 19th Aug '20, 10:33|

The effort to stay awake is exhausting. Electric shocks start out as torture. But now our body aches when the shocking stops. This is a sample from only this week, the slowest news week after Christmas, of the ‘you’ve got to be kidding me’ moments we’ve had. The Broadcasting Authority ruled that journalists create imbalance [...]

Another digest of GUEST VERSES (MT)

2020-08-19T09:27:54+02:00Wed, 19th Aug '20, 09:27|

Tort ta’ Simon Navarra ser jgħid lil tal-One is-segwaċi, minflok jammetti li l-gvern inkapaċi: “Il-virus mhux miċ-Ċina ġiet, imma mill-kċina ta’ Simon, kif kien qed jgħalli l-brussels sprouts mal-ispinaċi.”   Par Joseph L-eks Kummissarju staqsewh, “X’inhu l-fattur ‘R’?” “Kieku b'Joseph no problem, għax dak kellu par! Dan xi storjella ta’ Marmarà? Qalli 'No Action Needed' [...]

GUEST POST: Octopus’s Garden

2020-08-19T09:16:39+02:00Wed, 19th Aug '20, 09:16|

Cosa Nostra is the Italian mafia organisation that originated in Sicily in the 19th century and forms an association of criminal groups that share a common code of conduct. The basic group is called cosca, a family or clan. Each family takes over a territory, usually a village or town in which it operates. Although [...]

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