GUEST POST: The concert of fragile destinies

2020-08-26T11:40:46+02:00Wed, 26th Aug '20, 11:40|

A parable that speaks volumes on the people of Malta’s individual and collective human and political behaviour; it metaphorically landscapes our islands’ fragile destinies across all sectors of society and the polity. All this will be further compounded by socio-economic problems unless we all, as an equal yet heterogeneous people, resign ourselves to begin “living [...]

What do they say about us?

2020-08-26T11:25:15+02:00Wed, 26th Aug '20, 11:25|

Here’s one for all the racists saying that the arrest of a man of Albanian origins for the double murder in Sliema ‘proves’ that migration is a ‘problem’. Obviously there are various shades of this. Some write describing migrants living here as if they were a marauding horde using the language of monks describing Vikings [...]

Too soon

2020-08-26T10:24:53+02:00Wed, 26th Aug '20, 10:24|

It took a while before I stopped catching myself typing in the link to Daphne’s website to look for her take on yet another absurd development in the catalogue of disgusting scandals that followed her killing. Almost all of those scandals emerged because of her investigations, or were at least predicted by them. The rest [...]

UPDATED: Watch this closely

2020-08-27T11:37:27+02:00Wed, 26th Aug '20, 09:41|

Updated 27 August 2020 at 09:30 (see bottom of post). The United States’ request for extradition of fugitive Reno Mifsud deserves close watching because it is a test of the Malta-US extradition process. According to documents filed in the US District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, when Reno Mifsud fled from the United [...]

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