GUEST POST: The handshake

2020-08-05T11:11:22+02:00Wed, 5th Aug '20, 11:11|

Sent in by Spartacus: What you are looking at is a photo of two persons shaking hands. There is nothing so special about it. They are smiling and seem to be so content in each other’s company. This is what the picture imparts.  But for all those who are unfamiliar with these two persons, let [...]

GUEST POST: Every nation deserves the government they have

2020-08-05T10:58:57+02:00Wed, 5th Aug '20, 10:58|

“Every nation deserves the government they have” -- Joseph de Maistre. Absolutely true. Malta is a fine example. For the Maltese, democracy means that they can vote every five years. They cast their vote on election day and then go on about their lives as usual until the next election and in between they do [...]

From the frying pan

2020-08-05T10:37:14+02:00Wed, 5th Aug '20, 10:37|

Adrian Delia issued a statement saying that all candidates for the leadership of the PN should submit themselves to a thorough due diligence process. Including himself. He seems to have been reacting to an appeal made to the party – quite likely also initiated by him – for the requirement to have him go through [...]

Unwritten history

2020-08-05T09:54:10+02:00Wed, 5th Aug '20, 09:54|

Pieter Omtzigt today reacted to Edward Zammit Lewis’ triumphalism on the “historic” constitutional amendments adopted 10 days ago by Parliament. Writing in Times of Malta he observed that “it seems that most MPs had not even seen the final texts when they were told to vote for them. This is not how things are done [...]

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