Cain’s defence

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Look, the issue with Mario Cutajar is not that he is guilty by association for the deeds of his brother. This is not what this is about at all and Mario Cutajar’s defence with Lovin Malta that he is not his brother’s keeper is responding to an accusation that is not being made in his [...]

No wonder Mario Cutajar defends the ‘position of trust’ system

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We have some perfectly capable civil servants working in the foreign office posted near and far. Governments sometimes have entirely legitimate reasons to dispatch their political appointees to run embassies usually for particularly sensitive political reasons. You can have career diplomats or you can have political appointees dispatched to diplomatic positions. You would not expect [...]

Aldo Cutajar was re-instated after a court-ordered interdiction. The civil service chief, his brother, must resign now.

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The police have asked the court this morning to order the freeze of the assets of Aldo Cutajar and his wife. They also asked the court to issue a perpetual interdiction on Aldo Cutajar “because he’s a public officer”. If the court agrees with the request by the police, he’ll lose his job at the [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The established

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"This then is the entirety of our governing class: criminal masterminds and mindless henchmen. These are the established, the comfortably numb, the people who do not need a clean conscience and a selfless instinct for public service to mitigate their sacrifice." Read my article in The Sunday Times today.

Blue Peter

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So, Peter Grech is leaving on 9 September. His resignation becomes effective on the 10th anniversary of his appointment. His selection was announced on 3 September 2010 and he took charge a few days after that. The man is leaving office cloaked in a pitiful reputation. His collaboration with Joseph Muscat and his “kitchen cabinet”, [...]

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