NGOs call for serious investigation on threats from Neville Gafà

2020-08-27T16:16:39+02:00Thu, 27th Aug '20, 16:16|

European press freedom NGOs are urging the governments of Malta and Italy to investigate properly threats Neville Gafà, former gofer in Joseph Muscat’s office, openly sent to Italian Avvenire report Nello Scavo over Twitter. The NGOs, part of the Media Freedom Rapid Response project co-funded by the European Commission, said that “the Maltese government's request [...]

“Sadly true”

2020-08-27T15:51:43+02:00Thu, 27th Aug '20, 15:51|

Bit of a detail considering all that’s coming out of court today, but Keith Arnaud, chief investigator in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder, remarked while testifying that the leaks of WhatsApp messages between Leader of Opposition Adrian Delia and murder suspect Yorgen Fenech were entirely accurate. Leaks came in two batches. In July, Times of [...]

Mexxi. Mexxi. Mexxi.

2020-08-27T15:36:34+02:00Thu, 27th Aug '20, 15:36|

The police told the court today that at the time of his arrest Yorgen Fenech told them Keith Schembri got him to organise the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. It was a conversation that had been going on for some time before Keith Schembri gave him the nod: Mexxi. Mexxi. Mexxi. Proceed, said three times [...]

UPDATED: ‘Most wanted’ US army fugitive told a Maltese government board he was an army vet; presented fraudulent university degrees

2020-09-09T18:08:43+02:00Thu, 27th Aug '20, 11:43|

Updated. 09.09.2020 at 18:08 US District Court for Western Oklahoma There’s more to the story of Nazzareno Mifsud who is wanted by the US authorities to answer for charges of sexual molestation of children in 1986 and 1987. He is currently waiting for a decision by a Maltese court on a request by [...]

Scrutiny they should expect

2020-08-27T08:05:36+02:00Thu, 27th Aug '20, 08:05|

  There was a bit of a scene on the Gozo channel ferry yesterday. A couple of enforcement agents fined two women for not wearing masks while they were sitting at table. A debate ensued – it wasn’t quite as calm as that Oxford Union description suggests – about the nuances of mask-wearing regulations. Does [...]

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