No dark sarcasm in the classroom

2020-08-11T17:26:06+02:00Tue, 11th Aug '20, 16:03|

Robert Abela says children must go to school. He speaks to us as if anyone of us bring up children wouldn't want them to. He reminds us because, presumably we needed reminding that, it’s important that children miss no more schooling. And it’s important that a way is found to balance the desire of ensuring [...]

Proportionate response

2020-08-11T09:08:01+02:00Tue, 11th Aug '20, 09:08|

Bigoted racists who could not bear a gathering of young people in Valletta under the banner declaring that ‘black lives matter’ filed a police report because two protesters gave them the finger. This, the mock shock wimps said, was a gesture of hatred addressed at ‘patriots’. The idea here is to diffuse with a tu [...]

GUEST POST: One condescending Prime Minister

2020-08-11T08:13:46+02:00Tue, 11th Aug '20, 08:13|

When last January, Robert Abela was sworn in as prime minister to replace the corrupt Joseph Muscat who was forced to resign by civil society, people thought that at last, Malta would have a down-to-earth humble man to lead it. He played his boy scout role to perfection with much ‘I love our country’ while [...]

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