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My wife, who is French, does not get British humour. As far as she’s concerned British humour is an oxymoron. It’s not just that she doesn’t laugh when Basil Fawlty goose-steps with his finger under his nose wearing a mock Hitler moustache, or that she doesn’t giggle when Derek Trotter nonchalantly rests on the upturned [...]

Signs of the times

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Take a look at this picture. This was taken this morning outside police headquarters. These people waiting in line are teachers employed in Malta’s schools on a casual basis. That means they do not have permanent employment with schools but are contracted yearly before the scholastic year starts and have a contract that sees them [...]

The “patriots”’ talk of a referendum is as ignorant as it is racist

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When 10% of the population sign a petition for a referendum, a nation-wide ballot is called. With 40,000 signatures backing the so-called patriots’ petition to parliament to stop rescuing migrants drowning in our seas, the people-hating, black-baiting racists are calling for a national vote so that a national majority can, as the petition has it, [...]

GUEST POST: Game, set and

2020-08-24T08:25:36+02:00Mon, 24th Aug '20, 08:25|

Match. Yes, the Maltese people have yet to finish off the match against the corrupt Joseph Muscat, the man who for six years raped and plundered their country. Joseph started his ‘mission’ way before 2013. He worked relentlessly with his bosom friends, Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi on the 4th floor at the Glass Palace. [...]

Mario Cutajar’s mess

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After news broke of the arrest and arraignment of Aldo Cutajar for money laundering, his brother, Mario Cutajar, issued a statement last Monday providing the “facts” explaining how he had nothing to do with his brother’s deployment to Beijing and Shanghai and had therefore no responsibility to carry. The thrust of the statement was intended [...]

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