At the Independence Day mass yesterday, Prime Minister Robert Abela had everyone cover their nose and mouth. He didn’t personally put masks on people. But his government, the one he’s the chief executive of, is telling us that whenever we’re in the same room with people we don’t live with day and night, we must wear masks in order not to pass on to them the coronavirus. Any of us, including Robert Abela, could be carrying it without knowing. Surely Robert Abela has heard of asymptomatic carriers.

Let me ask Robert Abela a medical question. If I were to hold a condom in my hand, would I still avoid contracting STDs? He may not be a medical doctor, but surely he knows where to put it if he needs it.

So why is it so hard to understand how to wear a mask?

This is him in church yesterday.

After church he rushed on to his boat to spend the holiday with the wind rushing in his face. On his boat, he’s king. But in church he’s expected by the rules he imposed on the rest of us, to cover his facial orifices properly with a mask.

Here’s a visual aid he may find useful.