I’m reading what Keir Starmer is saying in the UK about the coronavirus spread. He’s arguing the UK should lock down for two weeks in order to break the spread of the virus: halt it, push it back, bring it down to manageable numbers before reopening again.

This is because numbers – of infected people, of hospitalised people, of people losing their lives after contracting the virus – are picking up at an alarming rate.

Our rate of infections here is higher than in the UK. Muffled reports are coming out of Mater Dei that the pressure is on. The figures of the dead are alarming, if nothing else is.

No one is turning to Robert Abela with any confidence that he is capable of ‘striking a balance’, ‘put our health first’, ‘defeat the virus’ and all the other slogans he mouths without conviction and without convincing.

The corruption of his predecessor spoilt our means to earn a living. Rightly, after all we’ve been through, we said ‘corruption kills’. It does.

I have a feeling we’re going to find out incompetence is no less fatal.