This is not going to be a long one. Yeah right, I hear you say.

My daughter uses this turn of phrase that she didn’t pick up from me. She ends sentences of muted outrage with “and I can’t even”. It’s more the sort of sentence you’re likely to read on Buzz Feed but here’s me making a leap:

“Charles Mercieca, the 26 year old lawyer who quit the attorney general’s office after just a few months working there to join the lawyers defending Yorgen Fenech, has been hired by the university to teach law students about bribery and corruption. And I can’t even.”

I checked in the hope there’s some other Charles Mercieca in the legal profession. There isn’t. There’s only the former Labour junior minister Franco Mercieca’s precocious son. The day he switched sides from prosecutor in Yorgen Fenech’s case to his defender, his former boss and prosecutor in the state’s case against Yorgen Fenech had this to say, without specifically referring to Charles Mercieca:

This guy, whose only two clients ever in his professional career, that has barely gone on for longer than an elephant’s pregnancy, were Joseph Muscat and Yorgen Fenech, is going to teach new lawyers what the criminal code says about bribery and corruption.

Rasna mistrieħa mela.