Adrian Delia won today

2021-05-06T21:23:54+02:00Thu, 6th May '21, 20:45|

A false equivalence was created over the last few days that, as ever when that happens in a battle between right and wrong, handed the victory to the wrong. The Nationalist Party issued a statement today that reads like the Munich ‘compromise’ of 1938. The PN is proclaiming peace in our time. Yeah right. In [...]

GUEST POST: Bernard Grech needs to brush up on recent history

2021-05-06T13:07:21+02:00Thu, 6th May '21, 13:07|

Filed by someone known to me. It is in the Labour Party’s eminent interest to keep pushing out the narrative that criticising the government is being negative, thus attempting to pull the rug from under the Opposition’s feet, an Opposition whose DUTY it is to criticise the government when it behaves badly. When it does [...]

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