When in doubt, blame Jason

2021-05-17T08:04:46+02:00Mon, 17th May '21, 08:04|

Carmelo Abela, staggeringly, called yesterday for Jason Azzopardi to resign. Jason Azzopardi was not an HSBC employee when the 2010 botched heist happened. He did not have access to the machine that printed access cards used in the robbery. He did not give evidence in the investigation and then told the press he never had. [...]

Agenda setting

2021-05-17T07:20:39+02:00Mon, 17th May '21, 07:20|

How endearing of the prime minister yesterday to complain the Nationalist Party did not file comments on the cannabis liberalisation proposal. I don’t speak for the Nationalist Party. But neither does Robert Abela, or he shouldn’t be in any case. The government’s consultation initiatives are a bit of a rare joke. Rare because they almost [...]

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