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From my article in The Sunday Times today: On June 6, 2021, Midsea Books is publishing The Third Siege of Malta, a book I wrote to recall the highlights of this battle we have been fighting. But the book has no ending. The siege is still on.

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The Third Siege of Malta

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From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The germ of independent thinking has taken root in this country and it will not weed itself out of existence. No doubt there’s a desire to win. But there’s a greater desire to remain honest with oneself. Politics may be the art of the possible. But for [...]

EPOCH: The Assassination of a Journalist in Serenity

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This long piece was completed in December 2020 and first published in Epoch No. 2 'Aftermath', Spring 2021 (Epoch Press). Published again here with permission. A journalist is blown to pieces in her car on a road not far from you. Everything is close to everything else on an island full of dust and noise and [...]

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