A €275 million corruption scandal, an auditor’s declaration it’s all illegal, a half-hearted apology and silence

2021-05-03T19:11:00+02:00Mon, 3rd May '21, 19:11|

Look, I appreciate that this scandal-a-day decade must have desensitised even the most fragile flowers. It’s become very hard to be shocked anymore. And we worry that frantic indignation makes us look uncouth. The thing to do is not to flinch and to give an aloof air of dispassionate normality. What’s another illegal contract, another [...]

GUEST POST: Robert’s yokes

2021-05-03T08:59:35+02:00Mon, 3rd May '21, 08:59|

“One cannot free oneself by bowing to the yoke, but by breaking it.” Carl Jung Before he was elected Labour leader, Robert Abela spoke of a “diabolical plan”. It was probably an inside message. The rest of us out here did not understand what he meant. Now, 15 months later, it seems clearer. To ensure [...]

The war inside their head

2021-05-03T08:39:56+02:00Mon, 3rd May '21, 08:39|

Philip Sciberras, former judge, former Labour MP, a former unsuccessful mediator between the feuding Alfred Sant and Dom Mintoff, former Alfred Sant crony, holder of multiple pensions, long-term informal monopoly-holder of sensitive inquiries commissioned by the government, and vomiter of sundry hate against anything which does not conform with the diktat of his Labour Party, [...]

The vain hope for presidential reprieve

2021-05-03T08:20:30+02:00Mon, 3rd May '21, 08:18|

Malta’s presidents are expected to behave like the Queen of England. Whatever their opinions on decisions taken by their government, they are supposed to smile politely and assent without comment. But the Queen of England was bred for the sort of steely ambivalence that she needs to weather any and all assaults on her dignity. [...]

Hidden inside

2021-05-03T07:53:22+02:00Mon, 3rd May '21, 07:53|

A convicted double-murderer has sent his lawyer to court to complain of inhuman conditions in prison. Why should we take the word of a convicted double-murderer as gospel truth? We shouldn’t. We shouldn’t take anyone’s word as gospel truth. We should listen to testimony, even if it is given by a convicted double-murderer but we [...]

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