They exercise their right to remain silent. I exercise my right to infer they have something to hide.

2021-05-26T17:13:22+02:00Wed, 26th May '21, 17:13|

Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee could be a useful tool in fighting corruption and administrative wrong-doing. If reality wasn’t such a poor reflection of what Lawrence Gonzi must have imagined the PAC could be when he helped design it in the 1990s. Watching sessions of the PAC is ever so slightly less agonising than watching plenary [...]

Jemecassegate: The implicit consequences of secrecy

2021-05-26T14:37:37+02:00Wed, 26th May '21, 14:34|

I enter the fray on matters Eurovision with less enthusiasm than if I was slouching on my dentist’s couch. It’s not whether I liked the song or I didn’t. Ugh. It’s not whether the voting is fair or it isn’t. Shudder. It’s not whether the dress was too short or the short was too dress. [...]

Alex Agius Saliba on a good day

2021-05-26T11:57:53+02:00Wed, 26th May '21, 11:57|

This is your MEP Alex Agius Saliba who, to be kind, I imagine walked into the wrong committee at the European Parliament building and read from the wrong script. The man cannot trust himself to speak English without reading it because he's plain hilarious when he's stuck in a situation where he's forced to try. [...]

Book launch: The Third Siege of Malta

2021-06-08T07:42:06+02:00Wed, 26th May '21, 09:05|

announces the launch of 9 June 2021 At Margo’s Palazzo Santa Rosa Mistra Bay 19:00 Includes Panel Discussion with Christian Peregin, Ġorġ Mallia, Louiselle Vassallo, and George Vital Zammit This is a seated and socially-distanced event in conformity with the Superintendence of Public Health guidelines. Seats will be allocated on pre-registration only. Please click on this [...]

Even for this you got the bill

2021-05-26T08:50:36+02:00Wed, 26th May '21, 08:50|

The family of Miriam Pace have settled their claim against the developers who destroyed their property killing their wife and mother when their house collapsed over her head. The amount of the settlement is, understandably, undisclosed. The compensation, whatever the amount, is nothing like justice. We can only hope our institutions give Miriam Pace the [...]

But half the herd

2021-05-26T08:20:29+02:00Wed, 26th May '21, 08:20|

I fully realise I’m expected to apologise these days before criticising the administration on matters it considers as its key successes. I was eviscerated mercilessly in the days after they opened for something like the fifth time the spaghetti junction in Marsa. I can only begin to imagine what they would do if they decide [...]

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