Alfred Sant dixit

2021-05-31T09:46:07+02:00Mon, 31st May '21, 09:46|

The following is an extract from a speech Alfred Sant gave in Parliament during his last days as Leader of the Labour Party. The speech is from 12 May 2008. Alfred Sant had just lost his third election in a row after 1998 and 2003 and he would be replaced a few weeks after delivering [...]

The PN shows the way on prison reform

2021-05-31T08:44:18+02:00Mon, 31st May '21, 08:44|

The reforms being proposed by the Opposition for the prisons restate the traditional contrast between the PL and the PN. The PL is the right-wing disciplinarian with fascist tendencies best represented in Alex Dalli’s mediocre imitation of a director of a gulag and Byron Camilleri’s chilling silence. The PN is the left-of-center humanitarian party promoting [...]

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