THE SUNDAY TIMES: At cross purposes

2021-05-23T07:43:10+02:00Sun, 23rd May '21, 07:43|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Recently, I put a few euros in some ads on Facebook carrying a picture of the cover of my new book that is coming out shortly. I put in the money hoping awareness of the book could break out of the bubble of like-minded people that Facebook [...]

GUEST POST: Our terribly sad destiny

2021-05-22T23:48:34+02:00Sun, 23rd May '21, 06:00|

Here I sit a day before the big event. The event that fully symbolises us:  the trashy, idiotic Eurovision Song Festival. This festival is so dumb that our singer’s destiny depends on various factors which are absolutely unconnected to talent. I do not possess a crystal ball. And I have no clue what position our [...]

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