There is little doubt the budget speech seals the Labour Party’s lease extension on political power. It was designed to do that no matter how aggressive the assumptions and doubtful their plausibility.

What we can’t forget now is that the issue on the lease on power is secondary. The crooks fully expected the election result of 2017 to mean more than 5 more years of Labour. Consider how Yorgen Fenech first instructed Daphne’s killers to hold on to their plans while an election was underway. He then told them to go for her when the result met his evil hopes. (He denies all this).

An election result is not a blanket pardon. It can’t stop us shouting for truth and justice, however disheartened we might feel when faced with the incredibly superficial unanimity that surrounds us. Because right or wrong is not a popularity contest.

This was only the beginning. We need to still be there at the end.