The Constitutional Court of Appeal has ordered that Repubblika’s complaint that Nadine Lia’s refusal to recuse herself in the hearing of the organisation’s complaint against Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà is heard urgently by the Constitutional Court.

The decision came after the State Advocate successfully appealed a decision of the Constitutional Court to re-assign the case from Nadine Lia to another Magistrate. The Court of Appeal reversed that order but also ordered that the case in front of Nadine Lia is frozen pending an urgent decision by the Constitutional Court.

The Court of Appeal said an urgent decision is necessary because Repubblika’s case is certainly in the public interest because it’s a challenge over how the police acted in the Pilats Bank case. The Court also shared Repubblika’s concern that the more time passes the greater the chance that the statute of limitations would continue to expire on crimes Repubblika reported