From my article in The Sunday Times:

“Is it difficult in this polity of two, and only two, sides for both sides to agree on a referee? Yes, I suppose, it is harder than the power the prime minister enjoys to appoint any unqualified idiot to most posts in his government. But it is not impossible. The auditor general and the ombudsman are hired by cross-party consensus and that rule is written in the Constitution with a capital C. For the last 40 years, the position has been filled by cross-party consensus. Alfred Sant and Eddie Fenech Adami agreed on names. Joseph Muscat and Lawrence Gonzi agreed on names. Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil agreed on names. They were never each other’s greatest fans but, with a lot of effort, patience and goodwill, they picked people they agreed on. Why can’t Abela do it?”

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