Just in case anyone was still hoping that the leaked chats between Rosianne Cutajar and Yorgen Fenech were not authentic, Rosianne Cutajar has publicly declared them to be the real deal, to coin a phrase.

She has asked the court and the attorney general to “take action” against Mark Camilleri for publishing them, which she wouldn’t have if they weren’t genuine. Thank you for the confirmation, though they looked authentic enough for those of us who went through the agony of reading them.

There’s a saying about not digging further when in a hole. But that advice cannot be heard by people who think they are entitled to have their way whatever the circumstances. When she was angry at Joseph Muscat for not making her minister, she told Yorgen Fenech she did not care, she would give herself an extra salary at the public’s expense to make herself feel better about the insult she perceived she was made to suffer.

And now she’s asking two institutions of the land to have a journalist arrested for publishing what she implicitly confesses to be truth and which we have seen is very much in the public interest because it concerns her conduct while in public office.

Dig away, madam.