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GUEST: Can there be a solution for the PN?

2020-02-12T19:57:18+01:00Wed, 12th Feb '20, 19:57|

A desperate situation is when one is on the verge of despair. This is the situation with the Partit Nazzjonalista. A cancerous syndrome diagnosis is not yet pronounced. But is felt encrypted in brain cells of most; a condition that could indicate severe psychosis that could lead to suicide. He who contemplates suicide is a [...]

GUEST POST: Can the PN be a solution?

2020-02-05T09:07:48+01:00Wed, 5th Feb '20, 09:07|

Continues from the first part of this article, linked here. Louis Galea’s recent indicative outline of his party reform proposals, that distinguish him as a creative political practitioner, and Claudio Grech’s intelligent version that complements same, could be a flow of fresh air were it not for the concomitant numerous disturbing and worrying publicly expressed [...]

GUEST POST: Can the Partit Nazzjonalista be the solution?

2020-01-28T15:25:08+01:00Tue, 28th Jan '20, 15:24|

“Circumstantial evidence” confirms that the highest hierarchies in government for long had abetted and themselves engaged in evil acts. One cannot but judge the current Labour government as morally and politically illegitimate. In accordance with Christian faith and the natural law a similar structure that for long years has developed its political action on mass [...]


2020-01-06T08:30:35+01:00Mon, 6th Jan '20, 08:30|

Bella Ciao is an Italian ‘canto popolare’. It tells the story of a ‘partigiano’ who offered his life, not exclusively in times of war, for his country’s freedom or liberation. In years, it developed into a protest call against forms of dictatorship and oppression. It was revived when Italy was struggling to overwhelm fascism. This ‘canto [...]

GUEST POST: Bella ciao

2019-12-31T20:20:00+01:00Tue, 31st Dec '19, 20:20|

At a time of year epitomising a secular conscience of faith, hope and trust, deliberations on on-going socio-political instinctive exploratory ventures are the embodiment of a well-meaning political society manoeuvring without a sense of direction. The culmination of political cautious imperatives towards a penumbra of righteousness. Indecisive wishful determination for which the bibles offer a [...]

GUEST POST: Reconciliation and Confrontation

2019-12-17T12:09:34+01:00Tue, 17th Dec '19, 12:09|

The socio-economic ramifications and the political theatre of the absurd discourse on these islands during these last years, programmed in minute detail years before same hit the stage, were nothing else but a treacherous act against the State. An act that had as its source the same party in government. Irrespective of the dark backgrounds [...]

GUEST POST: Of servitude, iniquity and evil

2019-12-05T08:08:21+01:00Thu, 5th Dec '19, 08:08|

The people who have voluntarily delegated limited power to a governing body to administer the land, have the natural right to overwhelm servitude, iniquity and the evil of government. In the absence of government responding positively to such calls towards righteousness, but instead indulges in the perpetuation of its evil acts, it would lose its [...]

GUEST POST: Reforming our Political Society

2019-12-04T07:35:20+01:00Wed, 4th Dec '19, 07:35|

The evolving chaotic, turbulent and surreal, but submissively long-awaited events, for which international media and institutions have anointed the islands as the prototype of a misfunctioning liberal democracy, should not just lead towards ascertaining that justice prevails. This would only be reverting to normality respecting the rights, freedoms and responsibilities as enshrined in the law [...]

GUEST POST: Christianity, Democracy and moral political legitimacy

2019-11-24T08:17:31+01:00Sun, 24th Nov '19, 08:17|

This is not an opinion on Christian Democratic belief. In view of centuries old evidence, ascribed by historical and political philosophers, that there is a strong relationship between Christianity and democracy. This piece discusses the sources that oblige the actors of political society to consistently display a high moral political legitimacy. Wherever this most important [...]

GUEST POST: Factionalism in Political Parties

2019-09-06T09:36:04+02:00Fri, 6th Sep '19, 09:36|

  Preamble The Partit Nazzjonalista is currently committed and is encouraging all interested to be part of and contribute towards the drafting of a party reform in the light of long-term perspectives. What led to this present explorative piece is two recent statements put forward by an eminent scholar and well-read thinker and another by [...]

GUEST POST: Submission is alien to Christian Democracy

2019-06-27T10:50:39+02:00Thu, 27th Jun '19, 10:50|

Preamble  Notwithstanding the socio-political and multicultural challenges, Christian Democratic parties, particularly in Europe, are still influential.  CD parties seek inspiration from the teachings of Thomas Aquinas and express their relationship to the Gospel and the churches as a dialogue, resulting in a political conviction.  Since their early days they had distanced themselves from the churches. This [...]

GUEST POST: Of Realism and Political Choice

2019-05-23T19:45:17+02:00Thu, 23rd May '19, 19:45|

(Political) Realism often revolves around power and security, not only in respects of international relations but up to an extent also in domestic environs. Realism, expounded up by Thucydides, Machiavelli and later Hobbes and Rousseau, is a general theory on how politics usually work. Focussing on a domestic enclave it theorises on human behaviour that [...]

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