Needless to say the views of the author are his own.

by Conservative

Some may recognise my pseudonym from Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Running Commentary. Whether it is recognised or not is not important, the army of foot soldiers bringing along their piddly jigsaw pieces, including me, was not important in itself. It was Daphne who was. Most of us hid behind pseudonyms because we were or are not investigative journalists and were unable to, or afraid to, show our real names because of professional commitments, personal situations or cowardice. Or all three.

I am sickened to the gills by the revolting masquerade so cynically and depravedly put on show by the main actors who pull the strings in Malta. It’s headed by Madam President, a former Labour Party hard-left activist who enthusiastically and unashamedly sat in the Party’s top ranks as its thugs, criminals and psychopaths (which includes il-Fuzillu) beat, murdered and pounded innocent civilians and civil society activists into the ground. She is guilty by association.

I don’t give two hoots if “she has helped so many people since”, by currying favour for votes, and all paid for by the taxpayer. She hasn’t helped people because of her bleeding heart, but because she has needed to “earn” votes. The President called for “unity” and for people to “measure their words”. What she means of course is for people not to demand accountability and transparency from her sickeningly corrupt party in government and to toe the “shame about the murder, let’s all hold hands and chant the national anthem”-line, lest we be singled out as “divisive” and “negative”. Let’s all be positive and join in the manhunt for the assassins but don’t rely on the Police Commissioner for any clues, most especially not in English.

Madam President, “unity” is when you don’t break families up by sleeping around with the fetidly corrupt and “measuring your words” is when the only thing left for you to do is to hang up your head in shame and say those two magic words: “I resign”. There is little more nauseating than the fact that you have remained cynically silent for years as scandal after scandal engulfed cabinet, the government, the country and the tentacles of corruption crept into every little dark corner, whilst you smiled your way through a presidency that has abysmally failed in its singular task – that of protecting the constitution and the fundamental rights and freedoms of all citizens, which were stamped upon, spit upon and fraudulently usurped.

Prime Minister, you must resign and leave at once. You will not do so out of your own free will. Not even when the Panama Papers scandal engulfed your cabinet and the unholy trinity looked set to topple did you budge. You calculatingly called an early election and in an orgy of corruption wormed your way back to power. Your sickeningly calculated speech to Parliament, the day after this country’s finest investigative journalist was viciously and brutally assassinated, aimed at the desperately ignorant and uninformed, claimed that although you were “attacked” by Daphne Caruana Galizia, you still didn’t feel that this was an acceptable or justified action and that murder could never be sanctioned. What you ought to have said was “Mrs Caruana Galizia was this government’s fiercest critic and in holding us to account she was doing her job. In the course of doing her job, we failed to protect her from those who sought to harm her and as I, the Prime Minister, cannot guarantee security on an Island the size of a postage stamp, I now resign”.

Labour trolls all over the national newspapers’ comment boards gleefully retort that Prime Ministers don’t resign all over Europe when terrorists strike at the heart of civilization. What they omit to say is that terrorists are the avowed enemy of the country. Investigative journalists on the other hand, are the conscience of a country. They are its own, not its enemy.

Perhaps the most revoltingly repulsive of all has been the Leader of the Opposition. Outed as a shady lawyer making money out of the bottomless misery of trafficked sex slaves, he has sought to trivialise and maximise the political mileage out of the charred cadaver of the only brave woman on the Island who outed him for what he is: a corrupt, shameless, brazen crook. His cries of indignation ring hollow. Because they are. He is secretly delighted to be “off the hook” and he is trying to turn the screw to increase his pitiful stature.

The state of the country drove Mrs Caruana Galizia to despair. This is not a time for tributes, for vigils, for platitudes, for faux demonstrations of disapproval and distaste. This is the time for a hurricane to be sown out of the blast of that hideous explosion that claimed the life of the one uncompromising mirror held up for the raped and pillaged Malta to gaze into.

OUT WITH THE LOT OF YOU. You dirty, scheming, vultures, picking bits out of the corpse of the country’s standing and reputation.