They had the pleasure of meeting Lawrence Cutajar yesterday.

Their expectations were not high. Some of them had seen the video of his so called crime conference 4 days after Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. The others had heard descriptions of it.

They visited Lawrence Cutajar yesterday and the engagement was so bad it was easier for them to fantasise they were someone else. They walked out their palms firmly glued to their faces.

They had seen more than enough to draw a conclusion without waiting for any formal reports to be drawn.

They went to the Prime Minister and told him they don’t know what job Lawrence Cutajar may be good for, but he’s a completely unsuitable person to be the Commissioner of any Police force. He would be an unsuitable chief scout frankly.

Joseph Muscat’s response? Exactly what #occupyjustice got at the same table not many weeks ago. Lawrence Cutajar stays.

Joseph Muscat’s list of allies grows thin.