By resident guest George Farrugia Calleja:

The EP Delegation has wrapped up its work and returned to Brussels more worried about the state of the Rule of Law in Malta than it was when it arrived. Even as a stand-alone, this is a damning indictment of Joseph Muscat and his cronies’ governance of the country.

The Commissioner of Police should finally grow a pair and resign, at least showing an iota of back-bone in his going, instead of allowing himself to be made to stay in office for the convenience of the PM and his gang.

The Attorney-General, who seems to have no compunctions when it comes to trying to influence the Court by suddenly realising that Jonathon Ferris was fired for incompetence, should spend the weekend putting his personal possessions into a bin-bag and then slink off into the sunset of his career, blighted as it has been by the manner in which he chose to end it.

About Michael Farrugia, Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, Owen Bonnici, Helena Dalli (these latter two for posing prettily with Muscat so he wouldn’t seem like a naughty schoolboy being interviewed by the Headmistress) and Marlene Mizzi, the less said, the better. Treating them with the contempt they fully deserve is too kind for them, smug gits that they all are.

The EP visit has served to bring things into sharp focus.

Civil society, in its wider sense, stepped up a gear and made sure that the already well-briefed committee was made well aware of the problems facing this country. This took various forms, some of which were public demonstrations of concern, which in their turn led to various reactions.

Obviously, the activists were given the same treatment as Casa, Metsola and Zammit Dimech and branded as traitors and fit only for insult and worse. The main trend of thought, if the cranial reactions of the trolls and ogres who populate the Malta Labour Party’s support base can be called “thinking’, seems to be that once Muscat won with an increased majority, and has seen his majority increase since the PN saw fit to commit communal seppuku, opposition to the Great Leader’s Reign should cease, once and for all.

“Yah, boo and sucks to you” is the message being sent to Manuel Delia and all the tarts and camp-followers who are there doing the secret bidding of Simon Busuttil and his clique.

What these morons don’t get, and I think that there really is a total disconnect here between the ‘two Maltas’ that Daphne Caruana Galizia used to write about, is that the people who have taken it upon themselves to keep exposing the criminality and corruption that have infested the country are not doing it to get the Nationalists elected. Many of them feel as alienated by the PN in its current incarnation as they feel disgusted by the MLP in its usual form.

They are doing it because they believe it is right to do so. This should be clear to anyone who has more than a single brain cell.

It should be equally clear that there is no equivalency between the PN’s past and the MLP’s present, for all that the usual purveyors of the ‘plague on both your houses’ mantra choose to ignore this.

The people who stand up to the thugs, from ordinary citizens occupying justice and sweeping the stables through higher profile exponents right on up to true leaders like Simon Busuttil, Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri and  Archbishop Charles Scicluna, have chosen to do so because their conscience simply does not let them take the easy way out and keep quiet.

This frame of mind cost Daphne Caruana Galizia her life: the thugs would like everyone to shut up now, before it happens to them too. Well, that’s as may be, but these thugs remain on the side of the bad guys, however many of them there may be.