Press reports show Degiorgios are professional contract killers

Press reports show Degiorgios are professional contract killers

Sources that appear to be eminently well informed are briefing Italian journalists well ahead of Maltese journalists who usually cover crime stories. That suggests the information is coming from political sources who are briefed by the police.

But if the information is correct, and there’s no reason to think it isn’t, it does not really matter who is getting the story. The important thing is we start understanding what’s going on.

The details in this morning’s La Repubblica (not yet on line) make morbid but fascinating reading.

They continue to reinforce the idea that though it looks like we have the executors of the crime, we don’t yet have information on who ordered it.

The Degiorgios look like professional contract killers, resourced and expert and well paid for contracts over time. Their career appears to be cut short by the additional resources the police had to catch them this time. Stopping the commissioning of contract murders here is a great development. One hopes their convictions can be secured and they are made to pay for all their crimes, not just their last one.

But the assassination of a journalist is an affront on our entire society, though most of it does not realise that.

We cannot be happy with these people’s arrest. We need to see the conviction of their principals. We need to understand why this happened, who ordered it and who paid for it.

Technically the inquiring Magistrate would now be asked by the police to stop his inquiry because the police have their guys.

It should not. We cannot let the principals rest that this does not get to them. The investigations must carry on. Whoever ordered Daphne’s killing must pay.

  • may borg

    This report speaks of an intermediary. So now we need to know who the mandator and the intermediary were. The latter’s responsibility is very grave.

  • Mark Fenech

    What La Repubblica has reported has confirmed what anyone with grey matter between the ears knew from the very start. That Daphne’s assassination was a contract killing. Who was the mastermind who ordered the assassination? Only when the name or names of those who issued the order (and paid for it) is exposed and the mandator/s jailed can one then consider this crime solved.

  • Gez

    The police in Malta just do not want to have anything to do with press releases or press conferences and most importantly with having the decency and know-how of keeping the family informed. No amount of go-pro footage, kevlar, automatic weapons, drones and jack-boots will change that.

  • Imsomeonetoo

    One of the article’s points is how come one of the suspects can afford multiple luxury cars while declaring himself unemployed. This has been going on forever on this rock of less than 320 km.sq. and could only be supported by omertà ingrained into the national DNA.

    It shows that the State has always been happy with the status quo and that criminals have always had a degree of impunity. On such a small island, such ostentatious wealth should at least trigger some suspicions and have some digging done initially by Inland Revenue and then, most likely, by the Police.

    Subsequent governments (where a large number of parliamentarians from all sides have happily defended criminals in court) have turned a blind eye and possibly influenced the Police force to do the same… This impunity has led us to where we are now where contract killers can be sourced locally after operating for years without fear.

    This is also part of the failure of institutions which should be addressed as it is part of the same putrid web.

    • Evarist Saliba

      If government really cares about the rule of law, the police and revenue collecting state agencies should chase all those who possess property and live a life of luxury that is not justified by their declared income.

      • Deo Denaro

        A simple solution, effective but sadly the authorities will not turn to it. Al Capone was responsible for multiple murders but the FBI could not pin him down. In the end they got him for his tax evasion.

  • Antoine Vella

    Far from silencing civil society, the arrest of the killers puts more pressure on the authorities to find those who contracted them.

    I’m not a policeman so I won’t presume to pontificate on how investigations should proceed. It seems to me, however, that one avenue could be to find whether the suspects had received any large sums of money in the past months. After all, it’s always about money.

    • callixtus

      One of the points of having offshore accounts in Dubai, Panama, the British Virgin Islands and other shady jurisdictions is to transfer such large sums of money away from the prying eyes of the state and its investigators.

    • Galeforce

      Officially, these murderous simians including the one owning the cabin cruiser , are referred to as ”unemployed”. There must be loot, and plenty of it, stashed somewhere. Maybe in Panama, Jersey, BVI, Bahamas, Jersey ?

  • Beingpressed

    How were the names leaked to the Italian press. I believe Lovin Malta quoted Italian press when releasing the seven accused?

    • Yes. The name first appeared on Il Messaggero.

      • Grey matter matters

        It seems to me like there are too many things which are amiss. For instance, we are being given the impression that this was a sophisticated plot and yet the assassins make what must be the dumbest mistake in assassination history…they did not check that they have enough credit on the brand new phone, specifically baught for detonating the bomb. How could they have run out of credit in the first place…what else would they use the phone for if not for the detonation? And even so, after all the hassle of getting on the boat in order to be out in the sea during the detonation, he tops the phone from his own phone..thus geopardising his position? Seems pretty pathetic to me.

  • Evarist Saliba

    When one compares the reticence of Joseph Muscat during his press conference with was is being leaked now, one cannot but ask, “What on earth is going on?” “Who is leaking this information, and why to Italy?”
    Italy’s main interest was the illegal trade in Libyan oil to Italy through Malta, but the leaks show an operation completely in the hands of Maltese known criminals with no links to Libyan oil trade. The perpetrators stood to gain nothing through silencing Daphne Caruana Galizia, except the commission promised to them by those who stood to gain through silencing her. Her main target was ……… Need I spell it out?
    The arrest of these 10 persons is the beginning and not the end of the story.

    • Carmel Ellul

      History will repeat itself.

    • Carmelo Micallef

      The Italian newspapers exclusive reports, apparently from Malta sources, of the assassination commissioning dating back 2 months, by a ‘mastermind’ via a middle-man, have elicited a muted response from the OPM troll army indicating that Kurt Farrugia / Marie Benoit were not aware of what was happening.

      We have been ‘treated’ to the now standard fayre of the incontinent release of awkward factors relating to Muscats labour regime over the past number of weeks, such as; Chris Cardona losing court action to bury his mobile phone data potentially destroying his labour leadership ambitions; John Dalli’s daughters being arraigned in lieu of their father destroying the old man’s dynastic ambitions; European Parliament actions against the labour regime bubbling up to near boiling point destroying the Prime Minister’s EU ambitions; and no doubt a trawl through the Running Commentary archive would raise a number of other interesting lines of thought.

      It is possible that the information passed to the Italian journals by a Malta source is a decoy to lead people to a false trail, on the other hand the information may be valid. What we have learned over the past 4 years and 9 months of Muscats labour regime is that they like to control, indeed manipulate, the narrative to protect and enhance the ruthless pursuit of their ambitions.

      The arrest of 10 people with 3 of them being charged (the other 7 being released) is clearly a “beginning and not the end of the story”.

      • Evarist Saliba

        I do not contradict you.

  • Mike

    That’s not it. This government understands that perception is everything. Antiono Di Pietro was here last Sunday. The timing and the Italian paper’s detailed knowledge says it all. Damage control?

  • thedirectone

    Or, they want to put there version thru by a ” independent ” press.
    Don’t forget, the more confusion, the more you can get away with lies, this is what Trump always do, CNN is fake and Fox is the truth.

  • Carmel Ellul

    The only trusted journalist was Daphne.
    This actually proves it.

  • thedirectone

    Can someone tell me pls what the hell is going on?
    They took 2 months to prepare the bombing.
    On the last hour he find out that he has no credit on his not registered telephone number.
    He has to call a friend to top op his credit on his private phone where he do the final SMS to kill Daphne, being so stupid after a 2 months of preparation?
    Now, the ” investigators ” found eighth phones in the sea.
    Come on, are they trying to take us for a ride?
    This hole arresting thing start to smell very badly.
    I’m curious to hear, see and read the next big plot about those 3 ” murderers “.

  • pete ross

    I highly suspect that since the illegal diesel trade involved Italy and as we all know the Labour propaganda machine had upon Daphne’s asassination immediately told its trolls to point at the criminals operating the diesel trade, now the next step is to feed Italian media cow dung with titbits of truth to lead them into a diesel trail.of their imagination.

    This is a trunkated investigation which will never lead to the criminals behind these bombers. The police may have eliminated a criminal gang but not the criminals who funded them.

  • Damian Doving

    I fully agree. Catching the executors is just the beginning. It is obvious that the killers themselves were not motivated by Daphne’s death. Somebody or some other persons gave them the instructions. What everyone should know is who ordered and commissioned the assassination.

  • Galeforce

    Well, with all those passaports being peddled about to the highest bidder, surely enough public dosh is available now to invest in some badly needed resources to fight organized crime.

  • matthew

    Who said the investigations have been concluded ?

  • AD

    They should jailed for life, coming out in a BOX