Sources that appear to be eminently well informed are briefing Italian journalists well ahead of Maltese journalists who usually cover crime stories. That suggests the information is coming from political sources who are briefed by the police.

But if the information is correct, and there’s no reason to think it isn’t, it does not really matter who is getting the story. The important thing is we start understanding what’s going on.

The details in this morning’s La Repubblica (not yet on line) make morbid but fascinating reading.

They continue to reinforce the idea that though it looks like we have the executors of the crime, we don’t yet have information on who ordered it.

The Degiorgios look like professional contract killers, resourced and expert and well paid for contracts over time. Their career appears to be cut short by the additional resources the police had to catch them this time. Stopping the commissioning of contract murders here is a great development. One hopes their convictions can be secured and they are made to pay for all their crimes, not just their last one.

But the assassination of a journalist is an affront on our entire society, though most of it does not realise that.

We cannot be happy with these people’s arrest. We need to see the conviction of their principals. We need to understand why this happened, who ordered it and who paid for it.

Technically the inquiring Magistrate would now be asked by the police to stop his inquiry because the police have their guys.

It should not. We cannot let the principals rest that this does not get to them. The investigations must carry on. Whoever ordered Daphne’s killing must pay.