The head of the government’s customer care office proclaimed on Facebook that anyone from civil society making speeches yesterday should delete them.

He hash-tags me. Since I did not deliver a speech but transcribed and translated Antonio di Pietro’s on my blog, he must mean that Antonio di Pietro’s speech is an embarrassment to be wiped from history.

Which is odd. I was with Antonio di Pietro when the prime minister came on air to announce this morning’s arrests. He didn’t think the arrest of people connected to the murder was something that ought to cause him embarrassment. Rather that it was what he was asking for. “I want to know who killed Daphne today!”.

Sandro Craus himself this morning stated the “operation (is) still in progress”. Let’s see what comes of it. Let’s hope justice is done and is seen to be done. That’s what we have been asking for all along.

But when we see an official in the prime minister’s uncorking champagne over arrests that sound to him like a political victory rather than an important step in pursuit of justice by institutions he is supposed to have no control over, one is reminded of something else Antonio di Pietro said yesterday:

“On this I want to warn against the mistake of thinking the Mafia is only made up of people going around with weapons or explosives. That is the Mafia execution. You cannot just be happy knowing who killed Daphne by placing the explosives. You need to expect to understand who ordered the killing.”