READ: Escape to Africa

READ: Escape to Africa

Documenting Ghana is an interesting blog written by a Maltese woman, Christine Xuereb Seidu, who migrated to Ghana with her husband and their daughter to escape the racism and ethical ambiguities in Malta and start a new life on the Gold Coast. They have been there since August and have been building a new life for themselves there.

Christine Xuereb Seidu has had to leave her 13 year old daughter from her first marriage behind her here in Malta. That must be a good reason to document her new life in Ghana and let Malta know of her experience. Fortunately the rest of us can follow as well.

Going south to find a better life is not the usual direction of the flow of migration. But the reasons for it are no less sound.

I hope like me you find it is a good read.

Here’s a link to the first post from last August.

  • Luca Briffa

    She writes in her blog: “I also just couldn’t stand everyone accepting the corruption right before our own eyes.”
    Malta is ranked No. 47 while Ghana ranks No. 70 in the Transparency Intn’l World Corruption Index. Looks like this lady jumped from the frying pan into the fire. But that’s OK as long as she bashes Malta.

    • Antonio Anastasi

      Maltese need to learn to take criticism of their country, and that the argument that the other is worst is the most annal of all arguments.

      There is not even a “yes but…” counter argument here, the response should be, yes we do have a chronic perception of historical widespread, institutionalized corruption, clientism, and cronyism in our politics so what are we going to do about it?

    • Christine X

      Ghana has been a corrupt country for a long time, along with many other African countries. Malta is a democratic country falling into the pits with its recent corruption.

      Malta is her country, not Ghana, so with a little common sense, you could put one and one together and come to realise why she’d be so upset that her own country is leading to this. You call this ‘bashing Malta’? Well, something must be wrong with you if you think this is okay! She obviously loves her own country more than you do!

    • Christine X

      Besides, I haven’t had a racist experience in my whole 3 months here. I am living in peace here but you’d probably oppose that because you’d just love bashing me and all those who want Malta to better itself. You probably said the same about Daphne but your comments are set to ‘private’. Wonder why!