Thinking of ironic awards

Thinking of ironic awards

Since I’m not likely to win an olympic medal, here’s another self-referential ironic award from earlier this year.

This is President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan who eats journalists for breakfast being awarded a ‘Friends of Journalists’ award by some puppet functionary he controls.

And as he gets it he smiles not because he does not see the irony but because he treats everyone else he knows is thinking it with the contempt of the unassailably powerful.

This is becoming commonplace here.



  • quickmick408

    Drop him a line Manuel, and ask him if he could return the files from Pilatus that are buried out there and then we can send him a snitch award.

  • I wonder if the backdrop was purposely made to look like a collapsing building to convey to irony.

  • callixtus

    That lickspittle must be the Azeri equivalent of Reno Bugeja or Saviour Balzan.