“Prime minister’s spouse” in the Bahamas for another award ceremony

“Prime minister’s spouse” in the Bahamas for another award ceremony

We find out Michelle Muscat went to the Bahamas from the Facebook profile of a Trinidad and Tobago opposition politician who met her at a dinner party.

The ‘Women of Distinction Awards’ are granted yearly by a Bahamian NGO.

It doesn’t look like Michelle Muscat could secure this award for herself because it appears to have gone to the Trinidadian opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Nothing like a hop to Nassau though.

  • hekknahsibha

    Imqar dawn iz-zewg awards thabbru fis-sajf waqt xi heat wave. Kienet tiffrankalna daqsxejn shana, Michelle. Din il-gimgha ma naffordjawx li t-temperatura issir aktar kiesha milli hi.
    U by the way.Peress li dan l-award il-Bahamas. Tghid irrangalha xi haga il-konsulent ta’ zewgha Joseph, Johnny Dalli ?

  • thedirectone

    Panama or Bahamas, it’s the same basket, isn’t it? Probably it was more than time for a “transfer”.

  • quickmick408

    Who may I ask paid for this little jaunt? Exactly what for i would also ask.

  • …not to mention that she is definitely not the first lady, nor the second, nor the third… but merely the wife of the prime minister.

    If there are any doubts as to the ‘lady’ moniker… that too is questionable.

  • Chris Briffa

    Oh well an interesting trip all the same for our dear “First Lady”. Question : who paid for this trip ? I suspect it was us the tax payers…..again !

  • natari

    That Michelle should be described as Malta’s First Lady annoys the h… out of me. It is erroneous. The title First Lady is not used for the wife of a head of government. It is used for the wife of a Head of State. Michelle Muscat is just the wife of the Prime Minister, nothing more.

  • Malcolm

    Haqq ghaz-zigg miskina. Ma rebhitux?

  • callixtus

    Just a hop away from Panama City and the British Virgin Islands. How convenient. Sometimes skyping won`t do.

  • M.Vella

    She and her entourage are all over The Bahamas Weekly Facebook page. It seems from Gucci Grace we have gone to Chanel Michelle.

    • callixtus

      Fersani Michelle.