Vive la femme de l’empereur!

Vive la femme de l’empereur!

Michelle Muscat is the volunteer of the year. She was awarded the title by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

Yet another Peronist event in this Evita story of pursuit of adulation; of packaging the proletarian heroine royally bedecked behind the great leader. And sure enough the great leader was bursting with pride on twitter.




The volunteer of the year who used her NGO’s funds to pay for sewing machines for prisoners to work as slaves for her dress-maker, packing exploitation of the vulnerable as charity. The volunteer of the year whose charity acts are fueled by the attention of cameras in public acts of ostentation and vanity. The volunteer of the year who uses money collected by her NGO to fund vanity publicity videos like this one.

All those volunteers working their entire life behind the scenes, giving up their time and mental energy for others, expecting and getting no reward, are supposed to see in the recognition of Michelle Muscat, recognition of their own work.

But there is no relationship between these two worlds. People who work with the vulnerable have no condescension, no self-awareness, no patronising self-importance and no hunger for attention.

Above all no awardee of the volunteer of the year award carries the shadow of friendships, or more, with evil dictatorships.

The selection committee that awarded Michelle Muscat this prize will say they have acted according to normal process and their conscience tells them they have made the right choice.

But let’s be honest about things here. An award to a volunteer of the year is surely intended to recognise all volunteers, not just the ones that are married to prime ministers. Since a proper job appears to be beneath the dignity of Michelle Muscat she does “voluntary work” to create for herself press opportunities that are of political benefit to her husband and herself.

That is not giving. It is taking. It is the condescending charity of queens married to emperors by divine right. It is the throwing of bread at the gladiatorial games, the tossing of coins in the mud in a royal visit to some village. And rewarding that with recognition as volunteer work is trivialising the real work people do to give without taking.


  • Catharsis

    Hamalli united.

  • pete ross

    Be careful Manuel Delia. You are at risk of inheriting the title of ‘Queen of Bile’ which in your case would be ‘King of Bile’, and other demonising titles that will be built up progressively until your character is fully assassinated and then you’re dead. Then we will watch the PM claiming that it’s his most challenging moment while Glenn is wiping crocodile tears off the floor beneath the tinpot dictator’s feet.

    If it happens once then it will happen again. Everything is possible in this tiny five year old banana republic of ours.

    • Clem

      @disqus_vfks9S0ZAj:disqus In terms of character assassination I think Manuel has been there , done that … we are not impressed or scared by that . With regards to real assassination – if we do start thinking about it – then this website can just switch off. Let us just hope that it will stop at character assassination!

      • Angus Black

        Neither is acceptable in a ‘normal’ country – not actual assassinations, nor character assassinations. It is most urgent that the public be educated and taught that ‘criticism’ is not an ‘attack’ and that if one does not like a comment, then he should attack the message and not the messenger.
        When a comment is maliciously intended, or based on LIES, then not commenting on it and exposing the lies, amounts to no less than condoning the malicious message itself.

  • Tina Holland

    Mrs Peron /Marcos/ Mugabe /Mussolini and now Muscat…Must have studied Dictators Wife Guide 101…. spot on ..good one Manuel.. it was eluding me for a while but you pinned it !

  • T Borg

    Yet another obscenity from the Muscat regime. Manuel, I agree 100% with your comments. The award to Mrs. Muscat is an insult to many hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly, for the love of others, without expecting anything in return.

    Labour has f***ed up the public sector, the police, broadcasting, the environment and so many other areas of life . They seem intent also to f*** up the voluntary sector.

    • M.Vella

      Not only an insult, but a slap in the face as well. The only good thing is that true volunteers do not seek any limelight or recognitions.

  • Emmanuel vella

    Tal- misthija

  • Fred the Red

    And all this while the Egrant story has been conveniently swept under the carpet.

    In any normal country, the press would be falling over themselves to pester Magistrate Bugeja to indicate what stage his enquiries have reached, and whether his investigation will be concluded any time soon. Instead we have Mario Frendo running after Labour MPs to extract earth shattering information on the supposed Robert Abela / Ian Borg feud.

    What a warped ‘nation’ we have become.

  • Andrew Borg-Cardona

    And this ignores the fact that charitable donations are channelled to Her Imperial Highness’ charity and other needy initiatives are left grubbing for crumbs

  • Richard J. Caruana

    With Daphne having received the Holme Award, Michelle just had to receive something so as not to feel left out.

    • Pandora

      What a difference!

  • Mark Sant (Misha)

    A big thanks for all your work Michelle from us descamisados!

  • Stephen Bonello

    My father, a pensioner and cancer victim, spends 3 days of his week doing voluntary work for charity. He does not expect anything back, less so a nomination for ‘Volunteer of the Year”. He gives his time and takes the satisfaction of helping those in need. There are hundreds like him. They seek no awards; they feel sufficiently rewarded knowing that they are doing their bit to make others’ lives better.

  • Pandora

    Normal voluntary workers worthy of this name usually carry out their wark away from the limelight. Strictly speaking this an honour that cannot be bestowed on any person since these people never speak out loud about what they do. Personal satisfaction and gratitude of the people they help is more than enough for them.

  • manifimx

    This is surely not needed. Please seek out those real, shy, and truly Samaritan hard working real volunteers next time, and give them all an ensemble recognition and gratitude. I am sure it would be more appreciated by one and all .

  • Merlin

    Your envy is eating you from the inside Manuel.

    • Could help with the pointless weight loss drive.

      • Merlin

        Sure, at this rate you’ll lose 50 kilos by next election.

        • Angus Black

          Your comments are as durable and reliable as it-Tieqa’s!

          • Merlin

            Yeah right, or as your stalwart Donald Delia.

          • Another pointless thread. Will be discontinued.

          • Angus Black

            Who is Donald Delia?

    • thedirectone

      Envy of plastic people? Says a lot about you.

      • This is going nowhere. This thread will not be continued.

  • E Xerri

    This country really is the pits.

  • hekknahsibha

    Insult kbir ghal mijiet ta’ voluntiera li jiddedikaw ruhhom minghajr ftahir, pubblicita’, u BULLSHIT ta’ barra minn hawn !

  • Spiderman

    When the hall was named after Daphne, there wasn’t even a representative of the government. A country should be proud of something like that. When the team of journalists, that included Matthew Caruana Galizia, won the Pulitzer Prize, it just went unnoticed under the government’s radar. Then Muscat’s wife swims for charity or receives an award (from a local entity and not international) and it’s given prominent coverage.

    But then remember we are talking of the Bidnija witch and her son. One consolation I have is knowing what disgust Muscat must feel whenever he mentions her and even more when he has to praise her.

    • thedirectone

      Hypocrites on their daily way off living, normal and decent people don’t even have a clue to do it.

  • Angus Black

    Good for Mixxell. Now that she is ‘Volunteer of the Year’, can she go one step further and volunteer information about the alleged transfer of Azerbaijani funds to her account at Pilatus Bank following that memorable visit by Aliyev’s daughter?

  • Angus Black

    Bet you not, as the use of such a label would elicit a strong diplomatic protest from Panama!

  • Angela Galea

    My intuition directs me to believe that only part of the funds raised by the two mentioned foundations goes to charity. Their love of money is so supreme.

  • A Attard

    She should have gracefully declined the award without publicity – but that is way out of character.

  • r pace bonello

    On going shows for suckers. Viva Egrant

  • thedirectone

    H&M recycled.

  • thedirectone

    What is she going to claim next, being an athlete at the special Olympics?

  • Edgar Rossignaud

    Why does Zimbabwe come to mind?

  • just me

    I have some ideas for “awards” befitting Michelle Muscat but certainly not Volunteer of the Year… How about “Dik li Tpappija l-Aktar mit-Taxxi Taghna” award.

  • Eagle One

    God bless those volunteers who work in silence, those who are not seen except by those who are truly in need. Many people come to mind and I shall not mention them for the sole reason that they run away from the limelight. These ‘saints’ are focused only on the needs of those in suffering, be it physically or materially.

    Keep up the good work; your eternal award will be presented by the Greatest.