So Neville Gafa’ told Times of Malta he is “denying all of Mr Grech Mintoff’s allegations and reserved the right to take legal action”.

He was reacting to documentation tabled by Ivan Grech Mintoff in a civil suit where he said potential witnesses who have had bribes solicited off them from Neville Gafa for Malta visas are afraid of showing up in Malta because of the fear of repercussions.

If the Maria Efimova and Jonathan Ferris stories teach us anything, it is that whistle-blowers have a hard time in Malta especially if they are speaking up against the corrupt gang in Castille.

Neville Gafa, a man of no qualities or competences except as a low level trigger in Keith Schembri’s arsenal, is protected at the highest level.

He is accused by witnesses of crimes that should land him in prison for decades. But the witnesses are foreign. Worse, they are Libyan. That panders to the Jungian racism of most people that relegates Libyans as unreliable witnesses in the way that for centuries women were deemed unreliable witnesses because they ranked lower in their god’s plan.

Libyans are imagined in this warped, racist collective psychology to be scheming, lying low-lifes. People here could never see them as desperate refugees trying to run away from war and allowing themselves to be extorted by corrupt officials at our consulates.

Neville Gafa is that crewman who took bribes from First Class Titanic passengers so they can take seats on the lifeboat belonging to women and children. He is the worst manner of lowlife who however remains in office on the familiar pretext that his ‘alleged’ crimes have never been proven in a court of law.

They haven’t because the police have done nothing about his crimes. What could they do? Protect these whistle-blowers Ivan Grech Mintoff is speaking about, granting them immunity from prosecution for actually doing the bribing, guaranteeing them the visa they applied for in the first place, and bringing them here to testify against the corrupt official who extorted money out of them.

Instead he marches next to Keith Schembri looking stern and important and harass journalists yelping like a small dog chained to the leg of an elephant. 

He is a bully, a thug, a criminal. And one day he’ll pay.