Charles Mercieca published a statistical review of articles appearing over the summer on four online media outlets and this website. It’s nice that he included this site with the big boys: Times of Malta, Malta Today, Newsbook and Lovin Malta. This website is a one man show so obviously my 300 English language articles on domestic affairs are a fraction of Lovin Malta’s 646, Malta Today’s 876, Newsbook’s 1,734 and Times of Malta’s 1,820.

But I find the feedback interesting, particularly the bit where the study compares the length of articles. I’m often told my articles are too long but the chart shows though very long pieces do occur, the distribution of short versus long articles is reasonably spread.

Interestingly a sentiment review finds the content of my website as the most ‘negative’ of all 5 media, though, also interestingly, not by much. All 5 media tend to be more negative than positive but, as Mr Mercieca puts it, none of them are “gut wrenching Jeremiads”. Not even me.

Here’s Mr Mercieca’s report. And here are my thanks to him for the inclusion.