Watch this feature (in Italian) broadcast on Rai Uno following up on what happened in Slovakia since the murder a year ago of the second journalist assassinated in the EU in recent times. Jan Kuciak’s girlfriend, Martina Kusnirova, was killed as well when both were shot in their apartment.

The film, by Maria Grazia Mazzola, tells the story of the political consequences of the assassination — the Prime Minister and senior Ministers resigned — and the criminal action taken by the police.

It also includes photos of Kuciak taken by those that followed him around when they were preparing for his elimination. The photos are now in the file of the police investigating the murder.

A principal suspect is Marian Kocner, a businessman whose corrupt dealings were revealed by Kuciak and who threatened the journalist with consequences if he did not stop.

Marian Kocner used Malta for his banking transferring funds out of Malta to bribe politicians in Slovakia and to support his mafia-linked business activities.