News media from around the world reported with dismay, right up to this week, the government’s evil campaign of daily removal of flowers, candles and protest messages left at the Great Siege memorial opposite the law courts.

Not to be outdone, the world-respected, brave, intrepid, truth-seeking, fair-minded journalists at Super One are also covering this scandal today.

Or is that Net’s very own Joe Mikallef?

This picture shows them on site a few minutes ago interviewing eminent human-rights campaigner Joe Brincat who, one can only assume, must be telling them about the significance of peaceful protest, the symbolic meaning of flowers and candles, and the touching need for a democracy to allow — nay, to foster — an environment of free thinking and free speech.

He no doubt will be speaking about the horror of a democratic country that has experienced the assassination of a journalist and the urgent need for the truth about her killing to be known and for justice to be served. He will be telling them how he is putting pressure on the authorities to ensure that the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia never leaves their mind until the truth is known.

Or maybe that’s not what he’s telling them. We’ll have to wait for tonight’s Super 1 show to know for sure.