When is a university not a university? (4)

2019-06-07T18:35:25+02:00Fri, 7th Jun '19, 16:17|

This is the fourth part of a series arising from an interview with an ex-staff member at the AUM. Part 1 is here. John Ryder, Provost at the AUM, is, according to the ex-staff member interviewed, ‘making a shitload of money.’  A shitload of money was certainly invested in the AUM project which began to [...]

GUEST POST: Wake up, will you?

2019-06-07T09:48:27+02:00Fri, 7th Jun '19, 09:48|

Sent in by a regular contributor to this site: I find myself frustrated. A section of PN supporters I speak to keep on insisting that being critical of the party at this moment is giving Labour an advantage.  How’s that for the epitome of heads in the sand syndrome? Wakey, wakey! Labour HAS the advantage.... [...]

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