A failed piss up in a brewery

2019-06-03T08:22:46+02:00Sun, 2nd Jun '19, 23:06|

The headline of Times of Malta’s report of Adrian Delia’s Fidel Castro-style radio-tirade of this morning says he — Adrian Delia — ‘blames the “establishment” for the ongoing chaos in the PN, and he warns his patience is running out. He was defending the party’s decision to co-opt Jean Pierre Debono to Parliament saying that [...]

GUEST POST: Thank you, Mark Anthony

2019-06-02T15:13:53+02:00Sun, 2nd Jun '19, 15:13|

This was sent in by a current member of the Executive Committee of the PN who was present at yesterday's meeting. On Saturday, Mark Anthony Sammut submitted his resignation from his post as President of the PN’s Executive Committee. His decision stems from the fact that none of those holding a leadership role within the [...]

GUEST POST: Those kamikaze pilots

2019-06-02T15:09:43+02:00Sun, 2nd Jun '19, 15:09|

Sent in by someone known to me. So, we’re back to square one. Adrian Delia’s party took a thrashing. The local council results are more representative of the true situation with Labour securing 58% of the votes (there wasn’t the vote-pulling power of the two MEPs). This was a direct message to Adrian Delia and his [...]

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