When the boss gets on the phone

2019-06-30T19:14:36+02:00Sun, 30th Jun '19, 19:14|

All those flamboyant reassurances we were given that the future for BoV was bright were turned to dust by the story in The Sunday Times of Malta today telling us that the financial regulator has given the bank an ultimatum to get its house in order. The appearance of the story is the greatest indicator [...]

Dead certainties

2019-06-30T09:22:33+02:00Sun, 30th Jun '19, 09:22|

A campaign of bullying and intimidation is underway within the Nationalist Party that is focused principally on General Councillors who were known to support Adrian Delia in his leadership campaign and during several months of his time in office but have since shown signs of doubts about whether the party leader should remain in office. [...]

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